President Russell M. Nelson and Book of Mormon Geography

During President Russell M. Nelsons 2019 Central and South American tour, he made some interesting statements that relate to Book of Mormon geography. While I don’t think this proves a specific model, or that he was trying to prove a specific model, I think it gives us a glimpse into some of President Nelsons thoughts on the subject.

The Church News reported:

As he arrived here in “The Land of Eternal Spring,” President Nelson said his thoughts were with the ancient civilizations whose ruins still define this nation.

“The lands of Central America and South America are studded with ruins — remnants — of ancient civilizations,” he said. “One wonders what life must have been like among those people.

“Add to that the message on the title page of the Book of Mormon, that it is ‘written to the Lamanites, who are a remnant of the house of Israel,’ we not only learn more about those ancient inhabitants, but we learn that the Lord cares for His children in this hemisphere, both in ancient times, and in modern times.”

And they also reported:

“Ask if they know about the mission of Jesus Christ to the people of South America”

Supposedly, he made more statements. If you find any let me know.

Again, I don’t think this necessary proves a specific geographic model. It does show that he is open to a Central and South American setting for the Book of Mormon.

Another thing to consider is that, under President Nelsons leadership, the Church recently released a Book of Mormon Geography Essay, basically stating that (1) nothing is revealed about where the Book of Mormon happened, (2) Joseph Smith supported evidences in North and Central America, and (3) members shouldn’t claim prophetic support for their theories.


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