Prominent ex-Mormon Says McKenna Denson is a Pathological Liar

McKenna Denson became popular in the news and media for accusing a Latter-day Saint leader (Joseph Bishop) of raping her while she was a young missionary in the Missionary Training Center. She gained the support of the ex-Mormon community as a hero fighting their cause.

She even gained the support of a prominent Youtuber and critic of the Church (Mike Norton) who is known for sneaking into LDS temples to record and publish them. Together, they interrupted an LDS worship service by having her go to the podium, and accuse her “rapist” in front of the congregation. This video became popular on Youtube among the community. As a side note, we were actually able to download part of their video before Mike Norton deleted it on his channel. Apparently, them goofing around about hijacking another faiths meeting services didn’t look good on them, so they deleted it. You can watch that here.

The tables have turned. Mike Norton recently released a video where he claims to have looked into McKenna’s history and found dozens and dozens of police reports against her. He now considers her a pathological liar and possibly the worst person he may have ever met. He showed dozens of examples of her falsely accusing men of raping her, of her suing other peoples or organizations, lying, and having a record of shoplifting and forging, as well as some warrants. He recounted how she once swallowed razor blades (while pregnant) in order to sue a restaurant. Her name used to be June McKenna, but she has since changed it. Mike Norton apologized to Joseph Bishop (the leader she accused) and deleted related videos on his channel. He says she was lying about having cancer. Feel free to watch the entire video to see just how crazy this is.

Many former members of the Church were cheering her on, as their hero against the Church. Many current members even questioned their faith due to these allegations too. Supposedly, both sides were fooled. Yes, we still need to wait until a verdict is legally made, but this just shows that even seemingly strong accusations made against the Church have a way of solving themselves out if people are patient. This shows that we should wait to pass judgement until all the evidences come forth. Undoubtedly, the courts and Church knew of her past history.


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