McKenna Denson Makes Fun Of Interrupting LDS Testimony Meeting

[UPDATE] McKenna has proven to be a “drifter” and all she claimed ended up being a lie. Even the anti-Mormons are separating themselves from her. Don’t leave the Church over such things because they may turn out to be like this sad story.

This article isn’t meant to prove or disprove McKenna Denson’s allegations, but to provide more context by sharing a deleted video.

In this video, Denson jokes with Mike Norton about interrupting an LDS Testimony meeting. Mike Norton is the owner of the Youtube channel “NewNameNoah”, which sneaks into LDS Temples, records them, and then posts them online. Denson has accused Joseph Bishop of sexually abusing her while he was a MTC President.

This deleted footage used to be at the beginning of the popular YouTube video shared by news outlets, where McKenna uses the pulpit at an LDS Testimony meeting to accuse Bishop. It’s understandable that they deleted this footage, since it would have been bad for them to look dishonest, joking about hijacking a worship service, with hidden cameras and microphones, and with the intent of hurting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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